IDEA Universal
(International Development and Environment Association)

IDEA Universal is a nonprofit organization bringing clean water, sustainable food, renewable energy and alternative education to vulnerable communities. We use new ideas, innovation, and technology to end extreme poverty and create a lasting impact.


Hayri Dağlı: +905416770182 (Whatsapp)

Pelin Eraslan: +905344780823 

Registered Charity: 34-238-193

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what we do

water & sanitation

  • solar powered community water projects

  • water well rehabilitations

  • rainwater harvesting

  • solar powered irrigation


  • seed banking

  • seed support

  • irrigation

  • sustainable farming trainings (permaculture based)

  • ​farm tools support


  • smart learning 

  • #idealab project 

  • sustainable farming trainings

  • hygen&sanitation trainings


  • domestic solar kits

  • solar powered irrigation

  • solar powered drinking water supply